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MOR Vacations 3 Bedroom – $425 12/27 – Starfish Villas Panama City Florida

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Here is a fabulous 3 bedroom unit ON CHRISTMAS WEEK for $425 for the entire week! This is for the week of 12/27 – MOR Vacations has hundreds of hotweeks pulling from a database of over 5400 resort destinations starting at $149 for an entire week!

Check out the pictures and description below! Wow!

The deals available to you as a MOR Vacations member are astounding! Nobody else can provide the hotweeks MOR Vacations does, and I mean nobody. For further information on how you can purchase a MOR Vacations membership for a 50% off holiday special price visit my MOR vacations website.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Starfish Villas is located minutes from one of the best known and most beloved beaches in the world. If you are looking to relax on clean, white, sandy beaches, participate in every imaginable water sport including scuba diving and fishing, or enjoy some of the hottest party spots anywhere, Panama City Beach is for you. For families seeking an affordable, fun-filled vacation, make Starfish Villas your next desTANation!

Starfish Villas is located half a block from the beach and within walking distance from local restaurants. The quaint, pastel exterior of these cottages evoke images of Florida from a bygone era, but feature all the modern conveniences of today. Each cottage boasts a full kitchen, including dishwasher and microwave, television, DVD/VCR combo, telephone, full bathroom with shower stall (no tub), heat & air-conditioning.

With 27 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, watersports fans will have plenty of activities to enjoy. For diving fans, natural, historical and artificial reefs await your discovery. Other activities to enjoy include sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, dolphin watching, parasailing, jet skiing, fishing and so much more. Charter fishing trips, party cruises, miniature golf and parasail rides, are also available.







Eat-in Save MOR Money!

Eat-in Save MOR Money!

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Im Ready For a nap!

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